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Who Do You Say Jesus Is? – Part 2

My last Musing ended with the following paragraph. “It is imperative that a person takes a real, honest and historically accurate look at the person of Jesus of Nazareth. What does the data tell us about him? Is there non-Christian material that...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    August 31, 2023

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

In Matthew 16:13 Jesus asked his disciples a very simple question. The question was, “Who do the people say the Son of Man is?” This was and is a very interesting question. First, it tells me Jesus is concerned about how people view or maybe unde...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    August 17, 2023

God Is the Great Promise Keeper

The theme of our vacation Bible Schools this summer was “The Chain of God’s Promises”. The lessons covered some of promises made by God to mankind from the first sin by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to the return of Christ at what is...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    August 3, 2023

Change & Choices

Since May of this year, I have started a new chapter in life as pastor of the Wolf Creek Baptist Church. Lisa and I am very excited about that! But then again, we are all excited about new things, new relationships, and the newness that each season b...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    July 20, 2023

What Salvation Accomplishes and Is

One thing that keeps many people away from going to a Bible believing church is that they fail to see any tangible, real world value in going. They may be confused about why they or others should go. Afterall if I “do the best I can” in life...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    July 6, 2023

Why Do You Exist?

Have you or a good friend, or a loved one, ever struggled with the question of purpose? By that I mean asking yourself, “Why do I exist?” This question has to do with purpose. The Westminster Shorter Catechism states it like this; “Man’s...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    June 22, 2023

Faithful Warrior

June 6, 1944 was a remarkable day. A Day of Valor, courage, cowardice, death, injury fear and faith. It was of course much more than that! For Nazi Germany it was the beginning of the end. There are some days which are forever seared in the memory...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    May 25, 2023

The Repair Guide for Life – God's Word!

I have done a fair amount of vehicle maintenance in my life. I started learning how to change the oil and filters in our cars from my Uncle Bill. He showed me how to do front disc brakes, changing the clutch and transmission soon followed. Along the...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    April 27, 2023

The Empty Tomb Gives Us Hope

I feel that many people like the idea of Jesus rising from the dead, because they have hope that the grave is not the end of ones being. They have the idea that everyone will benefit from the “gift of salvation” and receive a “get out of hell...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    April 13, 2023

Truth You Can Live (Forever) By!

This past Sunday was a celebration of life, it was Easter, Resurrection Day. It was also a painful memory that before Jesus was raised to new life, He suffered the most horrible death possible. He suffered physically, mentally, and spiritually. All...


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