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 By Dave Carroll    Faith    May 25, 2023

The Repair Guide for Life – God's Word!

I have done a fair amount of vehicle maintenance in my life. I started learning how to change the oil and filters in our cars from my Uncle Bill. He showed me how to do front disc brakes, changing the clutch and transmission soon followed. Along the...

 By Ray Castellanos    Faith    May 25, 2023

Visit to the Helena Montana Temple

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints now has a second operating temple in Montana, the Helena Temple, located at 1260 Otter Road in Helena. Special preview tours for non-members were...

 By Lee Vickers    Faith    May 25, 2023

Remembrance and Celebration

Memorial Day is the only federal holiday where the flag is flown at half staff from sunrise to noon and then raised to full staff from noon until sunset. Memorial Day honors those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, first to obtain our freedom via the...

 By Norm Miller    Faith    May 18, 2023

A Dog's Gospel

Matthew 15 records our Lord’s first trip outside of Judea with his disciples into the region of Samaria. This was not friendly territory. Jews hated Samaritans and considered them half-breeds since their family tree had roots both inside and...

 By Norm Miller    Faith    May 4, 2023

Sun Flowers and Son Followers

The black edge of night gave way to dark blue as I drove south on a rural road in Nebraska. Having driven through the night, I welcomed the faintest glimmer of sunshine that soon would spread across my path and force night’s retreat. A rightward...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    April 27, 2023

The Empty Tomb Gives Us Hope

I feel that many people like the idea of Jesus rising from the dead, because they have hope that the grave is not the end of ones being. They have the idea that everyone will benefit from the “gift of salvation” and receive a “get out of hell...

 By Norm Miller    Faith    April 27, 2023

Homeschooling mom to coach MCC volleyball

Mackenzie Stutzman lives a full life. An entrepreneurial furrier, she enjoys riding and training horses, snowmobiling, hiking, hunting, and fishing. Among all these interests, one sport rises above the rest: volleyball. Although she played...


Nation Prays in Unity on May 4th

SPRINGS, COLORADO (March 2023) – Throughout history, Americans have lifted up fervent prayers to God on behalf of our nation. From the first gatherings of our Founding Fathers through every year’s Presidential Proclamation of the National Day of...


Single Parenting and Spiritual Warfare

Fort Worth, TX, April 18, 2023 — Christian author Gracie Lynne explores themes of rejection, self-doubt and, ultimately, forgiveness, in her powerful, relatable story of a young woman going through a difficult divorce and parenting three young...

 By Dave Carroll    Faith    April 13, 2023

Truth You Can Live (Forever) By!

This past Sunday was a celebration of life, it was Easter, Resurrection Day. It was also a painful memory that before Jesus was raised to new life, He suffered the most horrible death possible. He suffered physically, mentally, and spiritually. All...


Do We Have To Always Be Content?

When God tells us to be content, does that include being content with disgusting things? "Yes, at least when your mom is around. It's rude to tell your mom you don't like something she cooked," says...


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