Week of June 13, 2024

Splash-A-Roo Committee Meets

Katie Lynch

The committee planning the upcoming Splash A Roo fundraiser met last Friday at Wedsworth Hall. The minutes to the meeting follow: Splash A Roo Meeting Minutes Meeting was called to order at 6:08 on 6/7/2024 by Teresa. Katie Lynch, Jodie Campbell, Teresa Blaylock, Susie Que, Ray and Toni Castellanos were in attendance. A lot was discussed at this planning meeting. We will create a main flyer that will be hung from Wolf Creek to Ulm by the end of June. The Color Run is the first event of the day...

Great Falls Summer Library Bash

Ray Castellanos

The Great Falls Public Library hosted its Summer Library Bash on Saturday afternoon at the Library Park. Musical entertainment was provided by Clint Reimann and tables were set up throughout the park from such departments as Friends of the Library, the Great Falls Genealogy Society, Self-Help Law Clinic, Many Rivers Whole Health, Rural Dynamics, the Alzheimer's Association, Great Falls Emergency Services, and the Book Mobile, giving the community the opportunity to learn more about their...

  • Acquisitiveness

    Edward Martin

    When we meet someone the first thing we usually share is what we do for a living. We tell each other that frame of reference, a box to put each other in. If, on the other hand, we asked what really makes them happy or content in life we’d often get a different response A very high percentage of folks did not choose their job because it is what feeds their soul; they chose their job because it was what they were capable of doing or what was available at the time they needed work or they simply...

  • Obituary: Lynda Anne Hillmar

    O'Connor Funeral Home

    Lynda Anne Hillmar, 74, passed away May 31, 2024, at Peace Hospice in Great Falls. She was born on September 8, 1949, to Clifford and Helen Huntsberger (Bruneau). Lynda graduated from Great Falls High School in 1968 and the University of Montana in 1974. She married Bert William “Bill” Hillmar on September 8, 1973. Lynda and Bill had two children while stationed at Pease AFB, NH. They were stationed in Hawaii and Nebraska before settling at Dumfries, VA where Bill was with the Department of...

  • The Necessity for the Cross

    Lee Vickers

    Did Jesus really need to die on the Cross? Isn’t there another way? God did a very interesting thing after Adam and Eve sinned and immediately experienced spiritual death. He “delayed” the Advent of the Redeemer. Technically, He could have sent Jesus as soon as the two realized the enormity of what they had done and its consequences. Instead, He “delayed” this for many centuries. Why? One answer is simple: He wanted to prove to us that there was only one way to solve the problem. After Adam and Eve sinned, they were left on their...

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