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Articles from the July 20, 2023 edition

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    Ruth Nicolaus, Last Chance Stampede and Fair|Jul 20, 2023

    Helena, Mont. – July 17, 2023 – A special horse has found a new direction to go in her life. When Big Bonnie, a buckskin mare, was young, she didn't fit anywhere. Because she was big at seventeen hands high, weighing 1,600 lbs., and smart, she could be intimidating, the people around here were unsure of her. There seemed to be nothing that the mare was willing to do. When Big Bonnie was five years old, she was purchased by CR Kunesh, who had been her farrier. Her previous owner had called her...

  • Bobby Clay, Pony Express Champion

    Ray Castallanos, Courier Reporter|Jul 20, 2023

    The Pony Express was a mail service delivering messages, newspapers, and mail using relays of horse-mounted riders that operated from April 3, 1860, to October 26, 1861, between Missouri and California in the United States of America.. It was operated by the Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company. When replaced by the telegraph, the Pony Express quickly became romanticized and became part of the lore of the American West. Its reliance on the ability and endurance of hardy...


    Jodie Campbell|Jul 20, 2023

    Town of Cascade Municipal Election to be held in November 2023 Write-In Filing closes on September 5, 2023 @ 5:00 pm OPENINGS: • Ward I (4-year) • Ward II (4-year) For more information contact the Town of Cascade Office 9 Front Street North Cascade, MT. 59421 406-468-2808 NOTICE OF WEDSWORTH BOARD SEAT VACANCY The Wedsworth Board will accept applications to fill the vacancy that will run until July 25, 2023. Applications can be picked up at Cascade Town Hall, 9 Front Street North, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Applications need...

  • Time

    Edward Martin|Jul 20, 2023

    A child comes in, “Can I have a popsicle?” Adult who is fixing dinner, “No, dinner is in fifteen minutes.” Two minutes later, “Is dinner ready?” “No, I said fifteen minutes.” Two minutes later, “Is dinner ready…” When we give a small child a time frame for something we might as well tell them to go taste the number nine. It literally makes no sense to them. As we grow older we, hopefully, begin to grasp the passage of time. If children don’t have an increasing concept of time they are destined f...

  • Obituary: Michael Patrick McGuire

    Jul 20, 2023

    Michael Patrick McGuire - 1953-2022 Michael Patrick McGuire beloved husband, father, brother, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend and amazing educator, musician, and mentor passed away on September 13, 2022 at his home in Ridgecrest, California. Mike was born on July 1, 1953 in Great Falls, Montana to John P. "Sam" and Shirley (Calvert) McGuire. He was raised in Cascade, an ideal Montana childhood that rewarded him with life long friends and memories. Graduating from Cascade High School in...

  • What Salvation Accomplishes and Is

    Dave Carroll|Jul 20, 2023

    One thing that keeps many people away from going to a Bible believing church is that they fail to see any tangible, real world value in going. They may be confused about why they or others should go. Afterall if I “do the best I can” in life that should get my ticket to heaven punched many think, that is if heaven is a real place. I believe that the number one reason to go is to learn about Jesus Christ and his purpose for living and dying on the cross. What benefits a person can gain from accepting that Jesus died for “their” sins, to pay the...

  • Qualified to Serve God

    Norm Miller, Montana Christian College|Jul 20, 2023

    When considering all the notables in the Bible who served God’s purposes, names like Moses, Joshua, David, Isaiah, Jonah, and Paul rank highly on that list. But how often is Rahab included? Sometimes described as an inn-keeper, the overwhelming biblical evidence mitigates for the word harlot or prostitute to describe her. Yet, in the providence of God, Rahab looms large in Israel’s history. Found in Joshua 2, Rahab’s story is one of my favorites. Joshua sent two men to spy-out the city of Jericho, and they found lodging at Rahab’s house....

  • Superintendent Arntzen Submits Montana Indian Language Preservation Rules to Montana Secretary of State

    Montana Office of Public Instruction|Jul 20, 2023

    HELENA – Following collaboration with Tribal leaders in Montana, Superintendent Arntzen submitted newly proposed rules on the Montana Indian Language Preservation (MILP) program to the Montana Secretary of State. During the 68th legislative session, HB 287, sponsored by Representative Jonathan Windy Boy, was passed into law. HB 287 revises § 20-9-537, MCA, the Montana Indian Language Preservation program, to require tribes and partnering school districts to preserve and perpetuate Indian languages to help meet the state's educational goal of...

  • The End of an Era

    Shirley Marxee Roehm, Club Treasurer and more than 60-year member|Jul 20, 2023

    The 90th & 91st anniversaries of the Smith River Extension Homemakers occurred in May 2021 & 2022 without a celebration. What a great achievement for us to have reached. We were still an active club until "Covid" hit the area. Since then all our lives have changed. After not being able to hold our regular meetings and other events, and a drop in members, we decided to end this wonderful adventure. Ninety-one years of working together, learning, caring, fun, friendship, and just good times. A true lifetime adventure. We plan to still be active...

  • White-nose syndrome detected in Lick Creek Cave

    Montana FWP|Jul 20, 2023

    GREAT FALLS – During a recent survey of bats at Lick Creek Cave in Cascade County, biologists detected the fungus that causes white-nose syndrome (WNS). WNS is a fungal disease that has killed over 6 million bats in North America since 2006, and biologists are closely monitoring the disease as it spreads westward across the United States. The disease causes a powdery white fungus to grow on the skin of hibernating bats, often on the face and wings, which causes irritation and dehydration. T...

  • Becoming an Outdoors Woman workshop scheduled for July 29 at Lake Elmo

    Montana FWP|Jul 20, 2023

    BILLINGS – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is hosting a workshop with the Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) program at Lake Elmo on July 29, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The workshop costs $35 and includes lunch. Participants will spend half the day learning to spin fish, and the other part of the day learning how to kayak. The workshop is open to anyone aged 18 and over, and women are heavily encouraged. All skill levels for these activities are welcome, but instruction will be focused on beginners. BO...

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