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 By Edward Martin    Views    August 3, 2023


I have read ways in which mosquitoes are beneficial to the environment but I don’t know anyone who actually likes them. The one good thing is, they are fragile. Suppose they were like beetles and...

 By Edward Martin    Views    July 27, 2023


The speed with which the world is changing means we cannot possibly hope to teach our young folks how to deal with it all. The speed of climate change, the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the...

 By Edward Martin    Views    July 20, 2023


A child comes in, “Can I have a popsicle?” Adult who is fixing dinner, “No, dinner is in fifteen minutes.” Two minutes later, “Is dinner ready?” “No, I said fifteen minutes.” Two minut...

 By Edward Martin    Views    July 13, 2023


Scientists, philosophers, theologians, and regular folks like you and me all search for truth, for absolutes. However, science is not simply a matter of collecting facts. Science is a method of...

 By Edward Martin    Views    June 22, 2023

Social Contracts

Human interactions can, generally speaking, be reduced to either force or mutuality of respect. Arguments can be made as to where we draw that line but we behave in certain ways either because we...

 By Edward Martin    Views    June 15, 2023


Sometimes it seems as if humanity lurches from disaster to disaster with brief periods of enlightenment in between. As we look back through history we learn about the so-called great conquerors. We...

 By Edward Martin    Views    June 1, 2023


A friend is taking music lessons from a talented teacher. She’s in Japan, he’s in New York. That, by itself, is utterly astonishing to many of us older folks. She assigned him a piece of music...

 By Edward Martin    Views    May 25, 2023


My mother was born on May 19th, 1913. When she was born 110 years ago, World War I hadn’t happened, the Civil War was a recent memory for many. There were ex-slaves who still worked in the family...

 By Edward Martin    Views    May 18, 2023


When Rabbi Harold S. Kushner died last month my mind went back some 40 years to the publication of his book, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”. It remains, to me, one of the very best books...

 By Edward Martin    Views    May 4, 2023


I saw a clip from the old show All in the Family. Meathead is putting on his socks and shoes. He puts on one sock then puts on that shoe. Archie, who is watching, goes ballistic because he believes...

 By Ed Martin    Views    April 27, 2023

Possibles Bag

Many years ago, I attended an event that was a failure. A sizeable number of people were involved but success or failure rested on the leadership of one individual. What followed was an utter abdication of responsibility. It was obvious no...

 By Edward Martin    Views    April 20, 2023

Grief and Relief

A friend put in a request for a column addressing a sensitive subject. Over the years numerous folks have expressed similar emotions and there’s always guilt in their voices when they’ve told me...


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