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  • Cascade Lodge Renovations

    Jeb Boettger|Jun 20, 2024

    Some renovations are being made to the Meridian Mason’s Lodge 105 in Cascade. The concrete at the base of the building in the front is being redone, as well as new paneling over the stucco being placed. The renovations are being funded by lodge members....

  • Cascade Farmers Market Undergoing Organization

    Raymond Porter, Scheduler, Cascade Farmers Market|Jun 20, 2024

    Local volunteers rallied together this spring, organizing the Cascade Farmers Market sponsored by NorthWestern Energy. Each Friday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, local gardeners and producers will gather in Cascade. Volunteers include Market Master Susie Schmitt, Deputy Market Master Terrie Steiner, Scheduler Raymond Porter, Facilities coordinator Josiah Castellanos, Signage sage Micah Overman and Bookkeeper Jess Porter. The Wedsworth Hall patio and lawn serves as the Market Grounds each week, with the...

  • Great Falls Summer Library Bash

    Ray Castellanos|Jun 13, 2024

    The Great Falls Public Library hosted its Summer Library Bash on Saturday afternoon at the Library Park. Musical entertainment was provided by Clint Reimann and tables were set up throughout the park from such departments as Friends of the Library, the Great Falls Genealogy Society, Self-Help Law Clinic, Many Rivers Whole Health, Rural Dynamics, the Alzheimer's Association, Great Falls Emergency Services, and the Book Mobile, giving the community the opportunity to learn more about their...

  • Splash-A-Roo Committee Meets

    Katie Lynch|Jun 13, 2024

    The committee planning the upcoming Splash A Roo fundraiser met last Friday at Wedsworth Hall. The minutes to the meeting follow: Splash A Roo Meeting Minutes Meeting was called to order at 6:08 on 6/7/2024 by Teresa. Katie Lynch, Jodie Campbell, Teresa Blaylock, Susie Que, Ray and Toni Castellanos were in attendance. A lot was discussed at this planning meeting. We will create a main flyer that will be hung from Wolf Creek to Ulm by the end of June. The Color Run is the first event of the day s...

  • School's Out!

    Ray Castellanos|Jun 6, 2024

    "No more pencils; no more books; no more teachers' dirty looks. Out for summer. Out 'til fall. We might not come back at all!" - Alice Cooper, "School's Out" Well, we all know that's not true. A couple of weeks into their summer break and they're going to miss the classroom and their friends. And their teachers! Yeah, they'll miss those teachers' "dirty looks", and they'll realize that they really were looks of love; looks which brought their daydreaming back into the lesson; looks that taught...

  • Congratulations Class Of 2036

    Ray Castellanos|Jun 6, 2024

    Always a treat to watch is the Kindergarten Graduation, not only because they'll amaze you with how much they've learned in one year, but also because they run the entire program! Kindergarten teachers Sharon Stevens and Alexis Culp did an outstanding job in preparing these kids for first grade. Kids that one imagines were probably unmanageable on that first day of school back in August (we all know what kind of kids we dropped on the laps of these unsuspecting teachers that first day), they've...

  • American Legion Post 133 Donates Classroom Flags

    Lew Thoenes|Jun 6, 2024

    Recently, the Hood-Mortag American Legion Post 133 and Auxiliary of Cascade, Montana learned, through American Legion News, that all classrooms in Montrana were required to display an American Flag. With this information, contact was made with the Cascade Schools and it was learned that several classrooms were not in compliance. Several flags have been purchased and donated to our schools. Since then, it has been determined that the number has increased and more flags have been placed on order....

  • Say It isn't So, Karen!

    Ray Castellanos|Jun 6, 2024

    Friends, school staff, and former co-workers got together Friday morning to bid farewell to a beloved lady who had been a fixture at Cascade Public Schools for the last 35 years. Karen Matteson, libraian and former teacher, who has made an impact in the lives of almost every child who has passed through the hallways of this school, will at last take that well-deserved retirement, to begin a new chapter in her life. Presented with a rocking chair, signed by the staff, Karen has plans to travel...

  • Eighth Grade Celebration

    Jun 6, 2024

    Ending a hectic end of school week was the Eighth Grade Celebration, held Thursday evening, and marking the transition of these students from middle school into high school. Class advisors were Mrs. Formell and Mrs. Johnson. Following the Opening Procession, Principal Michael Wilson welcomed the parents and friends to the night's celebration. P.T.A. Awards were presented by Mrs. Costa to recipients Robert (Bobby) Rumney and Alexandria (Allie) Park. Mr. Wilson presented the Honors Awards to...

  • Honor. Respect. Rememberance

    Ray Castellanos|May 30, 2024

    With the Square Butte as a backdrop and the warm sun shining down from the big Montana sky. folks gathered at the Hillside Cemetery to commemorate Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day, as even the wind cooperated. Cascade Veterans from different wars were in attendance, as they met to honor those who never came home, who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us could enjoy the freedoms that many, nowadays, unfortunately, take for granted, or are clueless. What a world we live in!...

  • Taps Across America

    Ray Castellanos|May 30, 2024

    Mr. Jeff Skogley stepped out to his front porch at precisely 3:00 p.m. Monday afternoon, along with thousands of other Americans, as they joined in a nationwide salute to remember fallen service member with TAPS ACROSS AMERICA....

  • Montana Historical Society June Public Programs

    Eve Byron, Public Information Officer, Montana Historical Society|May 30, 2024

    Community members of all ages are invited to attend the Montana Historical Society’s June public programs, which include special events in Helena and around the state. On Saturday, June 1, from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Capitol Flag Plaza in Helena, the MTHS will hold an event: “Honoring Montana Tribal Veteran Warriors.” In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, the event will recognize Indigenous veterans’ military service to the United States, share i...

  • Goverment Study To Be Placed On Ballot

    Town of Cascade|May 30, 2024

    On June 4, 2024 Town of Cascade voters will decide whether or not they wish to have their form of local government reviewed. The Cascade Town Council approved a resolution at their regular meeting on January 11, 2024 that will place the option of creating and funding a local government study commission on the primary election ballot. If approved, the study commission would have three members. Those members would have up to $17,000 to spend for the review process. The funding for the commission would be an additional levy of an estimated 14... Full story

  • Memorial Day Honoree, Iain McGregor

    Todd Mortag|May 30, 2024

    Every Memorial Day, Cascade American Legion Post 133 & the Auxiliary takes the time to honor the military service of a local community member. This year’s honoree is Mr. Iain McGregor. Iain was born and raised in Ruby Valley, between Sheridan and Twin Bridges, Montana. He was involved with ranching throughout his early years while attending school in Twin Bridges. Later in high school, Iain moved with his family to Clarksburg, California, a small farming community in northern California. Ian pro... Full story

  • May, May Flies

    Nancy Royan|May 30, 2024

    May seems to have just began but then May flies! It is May, and time for mayflowers, mayapples and mayflies! Spring is a season bursting with cherry blossoms, the scent of lilacs, and the landscape devoid of winter white. Just like the mayfly, we are emerging from the depths of winter and able to move into the light. Mayflies are said to have been around before dinosaurs. “After more than 350 million years of evolution, they have perfected the art of life.” They start as an egg, turn into a naiad (water nymph!), emerge from the water, ful...

  • Graduation 2024 - That's A Wrap!

    Ray Castellanos|May 23, 2024

    The long-awaited day for the Class of '24 finally came this past Sunday at the North Gym as this year's seniors said a final good-bye to Cascade Public Schools, to begin a new chapter in their lives. Five of these seniors had spent their entire school life here, Badgers since kindergarten! But they will all take with them fond memories and values that can only be learned at a small town school. One wonders, however, what goes on in the seniors' minds as they sit there on the stage, the focus of...

  • Fresh Perspective from Newly Appointed Mayor

    Kim Boettger|May 23, 2024

    The Cascade Town Council held a very organized and focused meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Attendees of the meeting witnessed the introduction of new Mayor Wes Seabolt and Ward II Councilor Douglas Clinger. In addition to the Mayor and Councilor Clinger, Town Council members present were Ralph Schneider, Ward 1 Councilor, Kristin Riley, Ward 1 Councilor, Jodie Campbell, Consultant, Melanie Bissell, Clerk. There were 4 community members present, including the representative from The Cascade...

  • Dearborn Garden club Old US Highway 91 Clean Up

    Linda Hanson|May 23, 2024

    Dearborn Garden Club completes Old Highway 91 road clean up beginning at mile post 29 and ending mile post 31. Twelve individuals turned out for the biannual road clean-up. Pictured left to right: Linda Hanson, Trish Veilleux, Calvin Hanson, Barbara Schultz, Christi Roberts and Diane Robinson. Other individuals that help clean the road but were not present for the picture: Ralph Schneider, Bev Devaney, Doretta Clevenger, Helen and Fred Schuman, and JoLee Burman. We collected 1-13 gallon bag of...

  • Northern Lights Dazzle Cascade

    Jeb Boettger|May 16, 2024

    Friday night, May 10, residents of Cascade were treated to a rare celestial show as the Aurora Borealis illuminated the night sky. The colorful display, typically seen at higher latitudes, captivated onlookers with its dancing lights. Social media flooded with images and videos capturing the spectacle. While such sightings are infrequent in Cascade, locals and visitors alike reveled in the breathtaking experience. Last night’s event served as a reminder of the natural wonders that surround us a...

  • Big THANK YOU from Cascade Chapter #101

    Stacey Corcino, Secretary, Cascade Chapter 101|May 16, 2024

    First a little background. The Order of the Eastern Star has Service Dogs as a worldwide project. Each jurisdiction is encouraged to fund raise for an organization in their area or State. Cascade Chapter #101 chose Dog Tag Buddies because one of our members is a recipient of theirs. Hercules has been with Kevin for about a year and has been a great help to him. Throughout the year we had several fundraisers to include the Easter Basket Sales in March and this last Saturday our Mother's Day Tea....

  • I've been to a lot of places

    Nancy Royan|May 16, 2024

    I’ve been to a lot of places, but I’ve never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can’t go alone, you have to be in Cahoots with someone. I’ve also never been in Cognito, either. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however been in Sane. They don’t have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips. Ever heard the phrase “the real McCoy”? It refers to a ground-breaking inventor who revolutionized the railroad industry. Elijah McCoy was born to parents who fled slavery on the Underground Railroad. Elijah trained as a...

  • Cascade Kindergarteners Publish New Superhero Book

    Ray Castellanos|May 9, 2024

    The last time we saw Mrs. Culp's kindergarteners, they were sitting on the small hill in the elementary playground, intently looking up at the sky, with their special glasses, with the hope of possibly getting a glimpse of what was supposed to be the event of the year, a total solar eclipse. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate that day to the disappointment of, not only them, but the rest of us in Cascade. The sun disappearing is not really an unusual event. Solar eclipses happen more...

  • Torch-Run Comes Through Cascade!

    Ray Castellanos|May 9, 2024

    The Montana Law Enforcement Torch-Run (LETR) for Special Olympics came through town Friday afternoon. Escorted by the Cascade County Sheriff Department, the group, led by the torch bearer, with about 15 Special Olympian athletes and volunteers, walked south down 1st Street and entered I-15, heading toward the canyon. "The mission of LETR is to raise funds and awareness of the Special Olympics Movement worldwide. Special Olympics is a program that daily reaffirms our beliefs that with hope, love...

  • A Blast From the Past!

    Ray Castellanos|May 2, 2024

    Once again, characters from the past were brought back to life at Cascade Public Schools this past Thursday, giving everyone a unique history lesson. Fourth graders from Kourtney Holten's class, and Amanda Brown's high schoolers researched their characters and dressed up in period costumes to give their characters authenticity as they brought them to life. There were so many characters and, unfortunately, not enough time to visit with all of them. Maybe next time this Wax Museum could be...

  • Play Ball!

    Ray Castellanos|May 2, 2024

    It was a beautiful day for baseball Thursday, as Cascade teams played a scrimmage game in front of family and friends. Known as “America’s favorite pastime”, baseball is not just a game; it’s more than that. Baseball teaches our youth life lessons that will help them throughout their lives. First, there’s patriotism. It was beautiful to watch these kids start out their game by showing respect for country as they removed their caps and stood at attention for the National Anthem. This is a cruc...

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