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Badger Wrestling

Ted Kato Memorial Tournament Results

Here are the results of the Ted Kato Memorial Wrestling Tournament in Thompson Falls

1st Place Match - O. Grimes over I. Munski Major Decision 11-2

1st Place Match - G. Schrenk over C. Standley Decision 7-5

E. Kennerson over A. Tweet Fall 1:11 - Champion

Cons. Semi results

I. Edmundson over J. Zalewski Fall 2:46

J. Holman over C. Crowell Fall 2:54

C. Grow over H. McGregor Fall 4:08

Cons Round 3

G. Reynolds over T. Standley Fall 4:19

C. Ferris over B. Lewis Fall 2:41

C. Becker over A. Nelson Fall 0:44

H. McGregor over J. Kenny Decision 4-3

Semi Final Results

I. Munski over B. Smith Decision 11-...


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