By Nancy Royan
Librarian, Wedsworth Memorial Library 

This and That in May

Series: Library News | Story 6

We have received a number of new audio books, so if you are traveling this summer, stop on by to hear the best book in the library. Remember you also have access to Montanalibrary2Go e-books. All you need is your library card number.

If you find that you can no longer access your MTLIbrary2Go account because the patron number does not work, please contact the Library. Under Montana State Library Standards we are required to delete patrons who have not checked out items in our Library for three years. As we are charged a fee for every patron in our system for some of our technology, it is in the best fiscal interest of the Library to remove patrons’ numbers who no longer use our services.

Unfortunately, this means if you only use our system for e-books, then we do not have record of you using our system. We love the fact that you might be using our Library for your e-books, but if we have no record you are using our in-house system, then you might have been deleted. If you only use your number for e-books, please give us a call so we do not inadvertently delete you.

Don’t forget to visit (long name but worth the hunt) to keep up on the current events or learn a bit about the library.

Summer is finally headed our way. Now is the time to find one of our new books and relax a bit. What better way to relax than to sit in the shade with a good book? We have many new movies make an appearance at the Library. Come enjoy a night of free entertainment with your family. We do not charge a fee to check out a movie or a book.

And we still have more to come this summer. The Eclipse in October promises some once in a life time excitement. The library will be sponsoring a program or two to educate all. Be on the lookout for those. We also have those very special Solar Eclipse Sunglasses on hand. So stop on by this summer to a pick up a pair or two or twenty. Sunglasses WILL NOT work guys for the eclipse. They will only damage your eyes. YOU NEED OUR NASA APPROVED SUNGLASSES TO VIEW THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IN October. THEY ARE FREE! So stop on by.

We received great news from the State Library. The funding for our Hot Spots will be renewed for two more fiscal years. The program had been scheduled to end this fall.

Remember if you need a place for a quick or long meeting head on down to the Library. We have a fabulous meeting room that can be had for free 24/7. Just fill out a Meeting Room confirmation form and it’s yours.

And another note. Through the year a few patrons have checked out books. Notes have been mailed, but there are still some items out. Could you please check the school bag, the lockers, under the bed, under the car seat, behind the couch, in the dog cage, in the frig and freezer, in the garage, on top of the garage; wherever that sneaky hidden book might be. Part of the problem at times, is the book was checked out to someone and then they left it at someone’s house or lent it to someone else or left it in someone’s car and have forgotten about it. I will have to start sending out notices for patrons to pay for these books. Unfortunately, that can get rather expensive. So please take the time and look. Items may be placed in our book drop that is open 24/7 no questions asked.

Why are baseball stadium seats so cold? Because they have fans in them!

Your community library has been able to succeed because of the generosity of our patrons, the Friends of the Library, the Wedsworth Trust who so generously supports us, the help we receive from the Town of Cascade, and the sage advice of our wonderful Library Board members and last but not least our volunteers who keep our programs running. At some point thank our volunteer board members – Jo Ann Eisenzimer, Norm Davis, Nada Cummings, Melody Skogley, and Mary Mortag for all the hours they put in every month so you can have the advantage of the services our library is able to provide.

The library would like to thank Mary Mortag for her service on the Library Board. We welcome Kelsey Harland as our newest Board member come July. Wedsworth Memorial thanks all who have provided our wonderful rain of good luck.

What runs around the field but never wins? A fence!

Memorial Day is coming up to honor and mourn the military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. In war-torn battlefields, the red field poppy was one of the first plants to grow. Wearing poppies to commemorate our military personnel was inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields”, written in 1915 by Canadian soldier John McCrae. “Struck by the sight of bright red blooms on broken ground, McCrae wrote the poem, ‘In Flanders Field’ in which he channeled the voice of the fallen soldiers buried under those hardy poppies.”

‘Beneath Flanders Fields’ is a fascinating tale of a little-known era of World War I history. “While the war raged across Flanders fields, an equally horrifying and more dangerous battle was taking place underground” called the Tunnellers’ War. The Tunnellers’ secret war is one of the most unknown and mystifying conflicts of the Great War. “Specialist miners were employed to dig tunnels under No Man’s Land. The main objective was to place mines beneath enemy defensive positions.” Come explore the harsh world of the Tunnellers who crafted cookhouses, hospitals and living quarters underground. This book explores a part of history very few know about. There are excellent diagrams and pictures to provide that in depth exploration. The Tunnellers’ War played a crucial part in World War I.

What happens when baseball players get old? They get batty. Does it take longer to run from first base to second base or from second base to third base? From second base to third, because there’s a shortstop in the middle.

The book discussion wound up their year with a delightful party. Everyone appeared to have a great time this past year. This will be our last discussion until August. It was great to see everyone this past year. We are looking forward to next fall. If you would love to join the parties and delightful conversation and be part of the group, give us a call.

Why did the bee keeper quit his job? He kept getting hives. (Joke courtesy of Jack and Isaac from Jack and I Farms.) Thank you guys. We sure loved ‘em at the Library. We’re always lookin for laughs and giggles. Honey Days is a comin!

Remember the hours for Summer: Monday 9-1; 2-6; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-1.


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