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27 years after arrest, Ted Kaczynski still holds Montana's - and the nation's -attention

Kaczynski, who terrorized the country with package bombs for 17 years and was arrested near Lincoln in 1996, died at the age of 81 on June 10

Dave Shors remembers April 3, 1996, beginning like any other day in the newsroom of Helena’s Independent Record. But not long after the work day began, a bit of news trickled in: agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation were staking out a cabin near Lincoln. Shors, then an associate editor at the newspaper, sent a reporter and a photographer an hour north to check it out.

As the day wore on, a rumor began to spread around town: The feds had the Unabomber in their sights.

“Unabomber” was the nickname given to a long-wanted domestic terrorist who, starting in 1978, committed 16 bombings a...


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