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Summer XCELL Program

The Summer XCELL Program is in full swing as we are finishing up our second week! This will be my fourth summer working within the program and I can confidently say this summer has been one of our greatest turn out of kids! We have been averaging about 50-60 kids so far and I have been amazed at the amount of kids showing up. It's amazing to see how two incredible communities come together to benefit the students in these summer months. The workers we have with the program this summer are so great and work hard to make the weeks as entertaining and exciting as possible! We have 5 more weeks of fun themed weeks with plenty of activities planned, with the exception of our vacation for the week of July 3rd-6th. To complete our summer program, the final camp will be the last week of July with our water week! If you haven't already, come out and join in on the fun!


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