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Senate Republicans Tout Legislative Accomplishments

Montana’s 68th Legislature Delivered the Largest Tax Cut in State History, Major Pro-Housing Reforms, and Much More

HELENA, Mont.— The Montana State Senate adjourned today, wrapping up a legislative session that featured the largest tax in state history, major prohousing reforms, significant education, health care, and civil liberties policy, and much more.

Senate President Jason Ellsworth, R-Hamilton, thanked senators for their hard work.

“This session was one for the record books,” Ellsworth said. “We considered the most bills of any Legislature in 50 years, delivered the largest package of tax relief in Montana history, and passed perhaps the most significant improvements in property rights and housing policy that the state has ever seen. I want to thank all senators of both parties for their hard work this session and wish them well as they return home to their local communities.”

Senate Majority Leader Steve Fitzpatrick, R-Great Falls, highlighted the volume and complexity of the topics addressed this legislative session.

“Last session, the first with a Republican governor in 16 years, we passed a lot of bills, but a lot of those were relatively simple and easy policies that Republicans had just been waiting for a conservative governor to sign,” Fitzpatrick said. “This session was different. We had dozens and dozens of really serious, dense policy bills across a huge variety of subjects. It was a lot of work, but I think we got to a good place in the end.”

Montanans will be seeing the impacts and benefits of this session for years to come, added Senate President Pro Tempore Ken Bogner, R-Miles City.

“Most Montanans will be receiving thousands of dollars apiece in tax rebates and paying lower taxes going forward into the future, with $1 billion in total tax relief on its way to the citizens and businesses of our also invested hundreds of millions in road, bridge, and water infrastructure projects across the state. More money in Montanans’ pockets and better infrastructure are tangible benefits we’re bringing home to our constituents.”


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