One Night Before His Marriage, Thieves Steal Diamond Ring Which He Had Bought to Adorn the Hand of his Wife That Was to Be; Wedding Postponed. (From the Cascade Courier, Sept. 30, 1921)

Wedding bells will not ring for John Rusko of Butte for a time. His dream of matrimonial bliss, connubial felicity and a happy honeymoon were blighted just before the ceremony was to be performed. Weakened in morale, saddened, his hope vanished. He told his story to the police whose aid he sought.

On the night before his wedding, when he retired, he had in his pockets a $225 diamond ring, a gold watch and chain with a charm, wedding ring, and his newly purchased marriage license. Every few minutes he would reach to see if his rings were still in his pocket and then he would fondly touch the marriage license and caress it hopefully.

Rusko walked through the halls of the hotel, but his feet never touched the floor. He walked in a thin atmosphere of future hopes and anxiety for the morrow to hurry its timely arrival. He was absorbed

in nothing but his plans, and he knew not whither he went. But worn out by the duties and expectations which the day had brought forth, he soon fell asleep.

When he awakened in the morning, his first thought was to caress the marriage license again. But his coat and vest were gone. Then he realized that he had left them in the bathroom the night before while he was dreaming of the songs of hymns which he expected to hear soon.

He made a wild scramble for the bathroom and there were his coat and vest just as he had left them. As he grabbed them, he felt the license and breathed relief, but as he reached into his pocket, his hopes dropped. The $225 diamond ring, the wedding ring, his watch and chain were all gone.

“They might as well have taken the marriage license too,” he said. “It will do me no good now for another year!”

(Editor’s note: Well, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with the above ending, so I did a little research! Did his fianceè dump him for postponing the wedding? Did he ever get married? Who was this fianceè that he was marrying? Who was John Rusko anyway? Tune in next week for the answers in Part 2 of “WEDDING BELLS FAIL TO RING”.)