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Community Meeting Today, July 29th at 10:00 AM - Wedsworth Hall, 13 Front Street South, Cascade, MT. The Harris Mountain Fire is currently mapped at 25,321 acres. Updated acreage is due to multiple infrared flights yesterday, July 28th. The increase of 6,218 acres reflects growth from 7:15 PM on July 26th through 6:55 PM on July 28th.


Current and Planned Activity

Yesterday brought another day of moderate fire activity with growth across the fire area. Extensive aircraft support occurred on the northwest and southeast edges of the fire to slow the spread as firefighters on the ground worked on point protection and fireline near structures. Several aircraft worked the fire edge with bucket drops putting in over 20 hours of combined flight time.

Firefighters worked to secure previously completed fireline on the northern edge of the fire by improving line and extinguishing areas of heat. Crews on the east edge of the fire worked to secure the fire edge utilizing aircraft in the West Fork of Hound Creek and Too-nah-hin Creek. Sprinklers were installed and running near structures in the South Fork of Sheep Creek. Crews maintained those systems while monitoring the fire spread towards Novak Creek. Portions of the fire continued to be staffed with crews late into the evening and early morning to provide extended coverage for point source protection near structures.

Active fire in timbered drainages is expected again today, consisting mainly of backing fire with short crown runs. Firefighters along with heavy equipment will continue to construct fireline along the southeastern edge of the fire around Jones Hills working their way to the west. Crews tasked with point protection continue to extinguish any areas of heat near structures further securing the fire edge. Aircraft will be available to assist firefighters on the ground as needed.



Mostly sunny with haze throughout the day and temperatures in the low 90’s, southwest winds around 5 mph. Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms with gusty and erratic winds expected.


Approximately 60 residences have been affected by evacuation orders and notifications. As of Monday, July 26th, the Cascade County Sheriff's Office has issued MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDERS for all residents south of mile marker 7 on Adel Road, Cannon Lake Lane, Sheep Creek Road and Sheep Creek Lane, and Austin Lane. A PRE-EVACUATION NOTICE was issued for Novak Creek Lane.

The Montana Red Cross evacuation center is located at the Cascade School. Families can also request Red Cross Services by calling 800-272-6668.


Ray Castellanos is the Photographer/Reporter for, as well as a co-owner of, the Cascade Courier