What a softball season it was for fifteen local young ladies! The majority of players on this new team hadn't played softball prior to this year. It sure was a spring full of personal and team growth, overcoming challenges and learning the game of softball. Overall, starting the season out the general attitude was just to be thankful to get to play at all due to COVID cancelling last year's (2020) season completely. 

"From a parent's perspective, I am so incredibly proud of how each girl improved," said Brandi Voss, parent volunteer. "We loved watching the drive and passion each girl had for playing softball. This team has tremendous potential and work together very well despite their age differences." 
As the youngest team in the league, these girls had to rise to the occasion multiple times. Going into the end-of-season softball tournament in Conrad, the Cascade Terriers were ranked dead last. They missed getting to play quite a few games due to getting quarantined for ten days as a team due to COVID, had cancelled games due to snowstorms and missed practices due to thunderstorms. Nevertheless, the team chose a positive attitude and remained committed to playing tough.



"These girls played with true grit!" said Stephanie Perry, parent volunteer. "It was so fun to see them improve and I'm excited to see them grow as a team in future seasons."
The tournament proved with a positive attitude and work ethic, anything is possible. These girls went from being ranked lowest out of seven teams to taking home second place medals! This accomplishment truly took a team effort since the girls had to play six games in less than 24 hours. The team's three pitchers (Bryson Smith, Alison Vornholt and Ali Edmundson) all showed their mental toughness and talent from the pitcher's mound. Similarly the team's three catchers (Alexis McWilliams, Hailey Voss and Zoe Butcher) battled it out behind the plate and hustled through the heat to protect home base. 



"The job of a youth sports coach is complex, but ultimately it comes down to getting these kids to believe in themselves," said Candace Weeda Strobbe, team coach. "I saw the raw talent and determination in these players and was ecstatic to see their tournament play reflect their true ability. Since we only won a few games in the regular season, they were getting pretty blue. But, they chose to believe in themselves and absolutely rocked tournament play."
A round robin style tournament gave every team in the league the opportunity to play one another. The Cascade Terriers showed up with their heads down and ready to go to work on the diamond. One thing for sure, the girls were going to give it their all. A positive mindset proved successful, as the scrappy, young team won three games, tied one and lost two. This success required the entire batting order to be strong in the batter's box and focused base runners. Every girl knew she had an important role to play on the team. Throughout the six tournament games, the softball team scored an impressive 46 points- most of which were earned by stealing bases.
"It was an absolute joy to work with these young ladies," said Strobbe. "The heart and try these girls have is incredible. They are young, but darn determined to be tough softball players. I'm thrilled for our success this year and look forward to continuing this positive momentum for our softball program."